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Working safely on any work site shouldn’t be dismissed as ‘she’ll be right mate’ or ‘it won’t happen to me’. As Murphy’s Law suggests, it probably will. One day…

And the Founder and Creator of ‘Access SOS’ (Safety On Site) Ross Broadfoot has seen it all before in his corporate and certified training career of over 40 years.

Too many incidences of Tradies getting hurt in the course of their day, just by not being aware of how to work safely and how to watch out for their work mates or employees drove the veteran Safety Advisor to the Construction Industry to find a better way.

Ross was determined to find a solution for people to do their jobs in a safe and effective manner plus discouraging those who continued to ‘fly under the radar’ illegally. State Safety Inspectorates stepped up their Safety Regulatory Requirements of the Construction Sector where Safe Work Method Statements or SWMS paperwork had to be presented at a moments notice, handing out large on the spot fines for those who were not compliant.

After the Dream World Tragedy, Queensland led the way with the application of the Safety Law “Industrial Manslaughter”. This was the ‘call to action’ for Ross to gather a small group of Professionals to deliver better safety on site.

The old-school ways of testing things for safety was to turn them off and on again and in more recent years where you had to show the never-ending paperwork trail, it just took way too much time and effort. Yet mistakes were continuing to be made and people’s lives were becoming more at risk when the paperwork was usually the last thing on your mind on a fast paced work site.

That’s why Ross created this unique online SWMS Solution Portal providing an easy and effective solution for those in the Australian construction industry to stay safe, backed by professional training PLUS keeping all compliant documentation in the one secure cloud-based server for easy access.

Welcome to Access SOS where your safety is our priority!

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